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The Pinnacle of Thrash Metal Greatness! - 100%

overkill67, January 2nd, 2010

When I first think of this album after listening to it for the second time in its entirety, it sort of renders me speechless for a moment. I suppose this occurs for the simple fact that I am still having trouble materializing what I have just experienced. An album of this calibre and magnitude deserves a proper homage, and anything other than total praise is simply unjustified.

I have been a loyal follower of Thrash Metal since I was twelve years old. The bay area to me was like heaven in my mind when I was a child and although it may as well have been a million miles away from my small little town of Sault Ste. Marie Ontario in Canada..I sought to one day go there and experience the "evolution" of thrash as it unfolded.

Fast forward to 2010, I am now 32 years old and many things in life have changed...the world has changed. The one thing however that stays constant is my undying, unrivaled love for Thrash Metal music. I literally live by a self-respecting code of ethics in that if the music is not bonafide thrash metal, then I want nothing to do with it. Call me narrow minded if you must, but I merely consider myself to be faithful and above all loyal to MY genre of music.

The Evolution Of Chaos is absolutely the most stunning representation of technically proficient Thrash since the turn of the new millenium. The variation of song structures, conincided with the overall ability and sheer talent of the musicians within the band rises this album onto a pulpit which overshadows much of whats been released as of recent memory.

Lee Altus, who is really the driving force behind the reason that this album came to fruition in the first place, truly deserves a nod from the fans. Lee has been with Exodus since 2005 now, and I can certainly hear some similarities in what Gary's influence has given Lee regarding some of the rythms found within this album. Not a bad thing by any means.

Don't get me wrong, this sounds nothing like Exodus, this is a more polished, more accessible and more epic offering than ANYTHING from the Exodus catalogue. Heathen have now upped the ante for not just the Bay Area resurgence but for the entire Thrash Metal world. Having taken practically 5 whole years since the demo tracks of this album were heard, for a full length to see the light of day certainly seems like an eternity, but now that I have finally listened to the finished product, I can certainly say that it was well worth the wait.

A monster production of incredible proportion, yet still sounding human in the drum department is a testament to what the bands goal was to achieve. A guitar duo that makes Mustaine and Broderick sound like they need more time to practice, a vocalist with balls that clank and my old pal Jon Torres on the low end from Hell, and this monumental Thrash Metal album will hopefully receive the recognition that it rightfully deserves and blow the minds of all who acquire this creation of flawless proportion.

...Let the Evolution of Chaos Begin!