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Best Thrash Metal album in the last 20 years! - 97%

Chopped_in_Half, March 29th, 2010

In 1991 Heathen released their second full-length 'Victims of Deception' which is what I consider a very underrated album, it was an answer to Metallica's '...And Justice for All' but I feel it surpassed ...And Justice.

In 2005 they released a demo, showing the fans they still had it, and fans eagerly awaited a new album, fast forward to 2010, and granted it took a while, and it shows in the music why it took time, but FINALLY, it is here to destroy!

First a nifty little intro, and then the thrashing begins with 'Dying Season' which was a song on the 2005 demo, but this one sounds way better of course, it opens with what Heathen are known for, technical riffage and leads, and right off, fans of the band will know, Heathen are back, and taking no prisoners, this song rips and shreds thrashes and bashes, and intelligent lyrics, which Heathen are also known for, thinking mans thrash, then comes 'Control by Chaos' which opens with some nice catchy leads, then makes it's way into a total thrasher, and still retains it's catchyness, it's easy to find yourself singing along to the chorus as it's very catchy, then it slows down to a mid-paced tempo, with an excellent solo hovering over it, 'No Stone Unturned' is this albums answer to 'Heathen's Song' found on 'Victims of Deception' but I think they even outdid that one, this song is mostly mid-paced to slow and plodding, but heavy as fuck, but it does change...when you least expect it, there is alot of excellent bass work around on this song, especially near the beginning, and wait until the break, Heathen flex their technical muscles with a beautiful classical guitar segment, one word for this song, INCREDIBLE!

And for those of you who may think the songs after the first 3 fade into obscurity, think again! 'Arrows of Agony' will give you the answer right off, this song is a pure thrasher all throughout, with an excellent chorus, riffage, just about anything else you can think of, this was another song on the 2005 demo, I'll skip to 'Red Tears of Disgrace' opens with some more nice classical guitar, you may think you're in for another 'Prisoners of Fate' but surprise, it's no where near that, it moves into a solid plodding song, that is easily very Sabbath influenced, it does change things up a bit, Heathen sure know how to keep it interesting, the closer 'Silent Nothingness' was also on the 2005 demo under the name 'Empty Nothingness', closing a great album like this can't be easy, and some bands fail to make a strong end to an album, but not Heathen, this is easily one of the best tracks on the album, and they saved it for last! fast riffs thrashing about, shredding leads, nice melodic break in the middle as well, followed up with some excellent soloing, then the song fades out, leaving the listener in awe of what they just heard in 2010

And another thing, the production on this album is the way modern thrash should sound, it has a nice clean sound, and it's not overproduced, it lets the music do the talking.

Fans of Heathen, do not worry, Heathen has not joined the ranks of Exodus, Sadus, Kreator and many other bands that have attempted a comeback and failed, Heathen have delivered a monster thrash album here folks.