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who else in the Bay Area is gonna top this? - 100%

overkill67, September 1st, 2006

This may very well be the best Thrash Metal songs that I've heard since the late eighties and very early nineties. Heathen have basically started right where they left off with Victims of Deception. Gary Holt eat your heart out! You see Gary, you don't need a Lamb of God styled mallcore singer to maintain just need good fucking songs! And good fucking songs is exactly what Heathen have created once again.

Unfortunately there are only 3 tracks to be found here, but let me remind you all that not a single second, note, vocal delivery, drum beat or bass line is anything less than pure thrash metal brilliance. If this is sign of what is to come from this band in the near future then I would not be surprised to see these guys in a headlining slot somewhere over in Europe.

The musicianship on this demo is simply divine. The guitar duo of Altus and Lauderdale, puts all others to shame. There is absolutely no other guitar team working today with the ability to shred like these two fret burners. Anyway who tries to challenge this statement with the likes of Trivium should shoot themselves right in the fuckin' head...this is REAL shredding!

And the rest of the band is pretty fuckin' narly too! Minter's feet are stupid fast, and the drum patters are mind boggling. Dave's vocals are a tad bit harsher than they were on VOD, but that hasn't affected the melodic aspect of his voice, check it out for'll see. As for good ol' Jon Torres, he always delivers the goods, and with Jon's input being welcomed into Heathen's ranks, if certain that these guys will once again, soon be carrying the torch of thrash. The bar as been set!