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Back with vengeance - 97%

cyclone, September 21st, 2005

97%? Yeah, 97. If this was released in 1992, it would be a great follow-up to VoD, and I would give it a 93% or something. But guys, check out the date of the demo... It's 2005, the year in which Exodus released Shovel Headed Kill Machine, in which Nuclear Assault put out Third World Genocide and so on. Those albums suck. But this, on the other hand, TOTALLY FUCKING RULES!
Heathen seems to be the only band nowadays that sticks to it's guns and is proud to play true headsplitting old school thrash. And that's absolutely the right thing to do. This is the only logical successor to Victims Of Deception. Hell, these tracks wouldn't even sound out of place on that record.

Probably the first thing that goes through your mind when you play Empty Nothingness is: ''WOW, check out that guitar tone''. Fuck yeah, this demo has an excellent production. The guitar tone is total thrash (not to polished, but clear, crisp and damn pounding) and the rest of the band is nicely put in the mix. Speaking of which, the whole band is really tight.
I mean, Lee's leads and riffs are dead on, Dave sings better than ever, bass is really nicely done and Darren is a monster behind the kit. All three songs are trademark Heathen. Pounding riffs, melodic verses, sing-a-long chorus, long and catchy solos. The highlight of the demo would still probably be ''Dying Season'' with it's middle easternish intro and riff, instant catchiness and a great thrash break.

I really can't wait for the new Heathen record. This is as good as it gets nowadays. If the whole record will be like this, it'll easily be the best stuff since, I don't know, 1993? GO HEATHEN!