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Best Thrash since the 80's, hands down! - 90%

Xeogred, February 18th, 2007

When I first heard this demo, I was left completely speechless through the whole 20 minutes of it. Was I dreaming? This album sounds so much like late 80's / 1990's thrash its not even funny. And its absolutely incredible stuff. Heathen, has always been a band in their own world. Their style is quite possibly the best form of a speed / thrash combination you will ever hear, period. Its melodic thrash at its mere perfection.

So, you haven't heard these tracks? Or wait, their other albums either?
Demo -
Albums -

Yes, you can download those. Yes, that's Heathen's official site. Yes, those are all complete songs at their highest quality. Their entire discography, including this new 2005 Demo for download. Completely -free-. Who else does this? Seriously? For that my respect for this band is already explosive enough. And well, if Heathen manages to put out a full length album sounding anything like this demo, my respect for them will be completely off the charts. 16+ years later and we could have something that would fit along side "Breaking the Silence" and "Victims of Deception" flawlessly. Yeah, there's been bands out there who have put out incredible EP's, but then somehow that material doesn't end up on their albums and the albums suck, but I highly doupt that'll be the case here with Heathen. They are 110 percent pure speed/thrash in its truest form.

I know I haven't spoken much about the actual demo here, but there's really not much I can say other than, this is just flat out awesome 80's thrash gods Heathen making the greatest comeback ever. These three tracks you get are mindblowing. The production and the sound of everything is also very remiscent of early thrash, but slightly more crisp and clearer. David White hasn't aged a bit, and in fact, his singing seems even better and more well polished than it has ever been. Really, what other thrash bands are still active putting out decent thrash thesedays besides Overkill? I absolutely cannot wait for Heathen's next full length album, with this I can just tell its not going to let me down at all!