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Midget-raping Season! - 90%

UltraBoris, October 11th, 2005

so which of the recently reformed thrash bands sounds the most old-school? That's right, kids, it's Heathen, whose new demo sounds like something that was put into Rip Van Cryostasis two decades ago, and just surfaced.

"sure Marge, it's not 1985 now, but who knows what tomorrow might bring!"

and here, today, is 1985. Or so. Well, it's probably more 1990 in production, but definitely 1985 in style, with screaming solo after screaming solo courtesy of Lee Altus and Terry Lauderdale. One of these guys is new to the band, but fuck, these solos are so tight, you couldn't tell which one...

Yep, this drinks heavily from the enormous phallic fountain that is NWOBHM, but it's straight fucking melodic speed-thrash through and through. In any damn case, it's the correct side of 1993, that's for damn sure.

we've got three songs here, sounding more like Victims than Breaking, but hey, in any case, it's the Heathen we've grown to know and love and shout obnoxious things at from the front row. The highlight is probably Dying Season, which definitely has the Mark of Torres on there, featuring that Ulysses Siren riff around 3.52 (see: "No Trace of Shame", 2:09... and while we're at it, that Laaz Rockit song from Nothing's Sacred). Indeed, if you've got a good riff, milk it... check out that fucking thrash break.

Seriously, check out that fucking thrash. This is the band that is leading the comeback. I hate to say it but the new Overkill sucks (you cockfaces!). Even Regurgitated Cow Fetus sold out... but the new Heathen is looking like it'll blow your head apart. Prepare the large boner of thrash!

I'm not going to go on anymore, because this isn't the sort of thing where you have to make an economic choice - should you get the new album, or should you keep your $16 in cash? Why no... IT'S FREE!

Communism and thrash!!

You have absolutely no excuse whatsoever... if you can read this review, you have a web browser. So, get your ass over to this link: