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Bring on the Next album, lads! - 79%

Nhorf, September 5th, 2008

After passing several years without releasing any album, Heathen decided to release a demo in 2005... and guess what? It absolutely kicks ass! Why Heathen don't release more records remains a mistery to me. Really.

Well, about the songs, they are all very well written and the performances of the musicians are stellar.The three tunes contain also interesting structures, they are definitely not straight-forward thrash songs: take “Dying Season” for a quick example, with its quiet intro, the song later getting faster and faster, with several tempo changes and different sections. The drumming is very competent, not overly technical but pretty damn good, the bass isn't that audible but it's still there and the vocals, well, the vocal performance is much much better than the one on, say, “Victims of Deception” and that's saying something. The singer isn't trying to sing melodically anymore, now his voice is definitely rawer and more aggressive, which fits better with the chaotic music.

Now about the guitars... they rule! Gosh, the riffs are especially awesome, catchy and heavy at the same time... Compare the riffs of “Arrows of Agony” with the riffset of all the songs on Slayer's “Christ Ilusion”, or with the riffs of every song Anthrax released recently, or with every riff of Megadeth's “United Abominations” and you'll laugh... Heathen is, nowadays, way way better than those bands I assure you, at least guitar-wise.

So, every song is very solid in its own way, but my favourite possibly is “Empty Nothingness”, with its awesome outro and proggy middle section. The choruses are all worth mentioning too, they are all very very catchy, which doesn't surprise me since Heathen is a band that really knows how to write addictive choruses. The production is also fairly good.

Concluding, a worth getting demo, great great thrash metal, pretty aggressive at times, but also very melodic. Recommended.

Best Moments of the CD:
-the beginning of “Dying Season”.
-the outro of “Empty Nothingness”.