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They've still got it, even after these many years. - 99%

Fatal_Metal, September 24th, 2005

Heathen rule. Just bow down to this band's generosity, first off they put up all their albums for download and now they have even given us their demo FREE. The only other band who I know have done this are Anacrusis but I bet they wouldn't be giving their new material even if a demo free. All thrash bands must be underground like this, though not giving up whole albums - they should be good enough to offer two tracks and a video! Well then, lets go on to the music.

1987 was a stellar year for thrash as Heathen released their first album breaking the Silence. Breaking The Silence was a perfect lesson in catchy, speedy, brutal thrash that had a good Metallica influence on it. Heathen luckily didn't follow Metallica's steps and end up in shit like they are now. After that, Heathen released the more melodic and experimental Victims of Deception while still sticking to their roots. Heathen were the darlings of the underground and then suddenly split for not apparent reason and now they're back with a new demo and lets just say they did what others thought impossible - IMPROVE.

First off, lets analyze the improvements:-

Guitars: Heathen's production has improved two-folds here. Excellent guitar tone employed and the brutality surpasses both the previous albums. The Metallica influence is still here but Heathen have far surpassed their influences.
Vocals - The vocals were sometimes the weak-spot in Heathen albums as they were just too choked up at times but now this guy is really able to sing even though he prefers staying in the mid-range. Yes, there is Hetfield imitation here, but this guy is what Hetfied x 100 would be.
Both drums and bass are classic Heathen as seen on the two albums.

There isn't anything wrong with all the three songs in here. The material put on display here is more of a Breaking the Silence vibe while keeping the melody of Victims of Deception. If Heathen keep songs as good in their full-length, this would end up a classic!

The demo (order I put it in) starts with Arrows of Agony which immediately punches you in the face with its brutality. Any person who's heard the previous Heathen albums would immediately notice the improvements. When you hear the "Arrows of agony are FALLING!" you just got to be amazed unless you’re mentally retarded. Then follows Dying Season which is the best song here, it starts off with an excellent acoustic solo and then some Arabic guitar harmonies while retaining the brutal edge, the catchiest chorus Heathen ever made is here, oh Did he say "Fire"??? This is The Timeless Cell of Prophecy right here except catchier and heavier. The last track Empty Nothingness is superb, the background guitar solo there in the intro just flows so well. This is the most brutal song on the demo riffing right through you before you can say anything and the vocals are done excellently with a lot of desperation and emotion shown here. An excellent break at 3:23 that keeps up the atmosphere and an excellent solo to follow. Can Heathen do any wrong??

Suddenly the demo ends and leaves you just drooling for more. You'd put it on again instantly like me just to try and satisfy your taste till Heathen releases an album this year. The next album (which I expect in 2006) is bound to be the album of the year unless someone releases something out of this world or Heathen makes a mistake (which is hard to think of). So, if you didn't get this demo yet - please do!! How cheap could you get? An excellent demo up for free on a site and you don’t have it? That means your an excuse for a metalhead, please leave this site right away. I want EVERY single self-respecting metal fan to be backing Heathen for their next release.

Get now -