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Feeling Older For Remembering This! - 45%

corviderrant, February 21st, 2006

Uggghhhh...I am feeling old up in here after reading about this! I used to own this single when it came out in 1986, and I actually rather liked it at the time. Of course being considerably older and more cynical and grumpy these days tempers my memories and makes me realize that, well, this was a pretty mediocre tune.

The lyrics are terribly cliched even by Ronnie James Dio's standards (and he's turned out some groaners in his time) and the music is pretty typical hair farmer fare of the time. The number of guest vocalists is impressive, though, it has to be said; yet most of them only show up on the gang chant chorus. "WE'RE STAAAARRRRSSSSS!!!!!" (repeat) Oooh, imaginative, folks.

The only section worth remembering is the solo section where a bevy of players trade off, and it of course is edited heavily to fit the single format's time limit as well as the time limit of radio airplay. This was the era where solo sections had to be 8 bars or (preferably) less to garner radio airplay. This, of course, was at a time when radio airplay for metal was actually somewhat feasible, unlike these days of nu-metal garbage passing itself off as the real article.

All in all, this is for completists of metal history only. I really wouldn't recommend this as other than a historical curiosity.