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If only the songs were a bit shorter - 78%

PorcupineOfDoom, December 27th, 2014

From the album artwork to the names of the songs, you can probably take a good guess that the main theme of Headspace is war. Therefore the atmosphere you would correctly predict to be downbeat and a little depressing. However it is an atmosphere that you really feel and despite the band's shortcomings in other areas that's one place that they will win you over in.

I dislike the slow starts to all of the songs and also their lengths. I'm well aware that this is progressive and the music isn't meant to just jump right in and make an impression, but personally I feel that when all but one song lasts for more than eight minutes that you might be stretching things out a little further than it's meant to be stretched. The rubber band doesn't quite snap, but it treads dangerously close to doing so.

The band is prog rock/metal, so I was expecting it to feel a bit more toned down than I'm used to, but it never really does. Most of the time it's either metal or nothing but the piano, but a lot of the riffs seem very metalcore influenced (something I'm not a fan of) and there are plenty of chugs. But actually, it's never a problem, somewhat to my surprise. I guess it's down to the atmosphere being the main focus of the music.

The vocals are clean and the singer has quite a voice. He doesn't try too hard to do anything complex, just sings in a straightforward and direct manner. While he isn't the best male singer I've ever heard he's certainly not bad, and his voice has a nice quality to it. It works well with the gentle keyboards that are content touching up the background in a very subtle way (apart from when they either have a keyboard solo out of nowhere or if the guitars aren't playing).

The lyrics are quite deep if you're into songs with an actual meaning. Personally that's not what I take from music, but I know other people do and it's clear that the band really feel passionate about the issue of war in the world and that really comes across in their music.

It's a shame that the songs are all so long, because otherwise I would probably give out a score above 90% for this record. If you like progressive music at all or songs that are very atmospheric then you'll like this. Maybe you'll appreciate I Am Anonymous much more than I did.