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Just About Perfect - 91%

MitkoJordanov, December 26th, 2014
Written based on this version: 2012, CD, InsideOut Music

It is a bit hard to put into words the impact this albums makes when listening to it! Great work and a very crafted piece of art. And yes, this doesn't even begin to describe the depth of the music on this record. One can easily expect a very good album out of those five talented musicians, but with songs like "Soldier", "In Hell's Name", "Invasion" it goes beyond imagination. It certainly brings a feeling to it that is like you have just got in touch with something unique in its nature and beauty. So, that's the first thing to say about the album - it is pure. Whatever this means in terms of music or art - it is somehow obvious that the approach those guys had to making music has nothing to do with stardom, cliches, well-used forms and frames or fake shallow expressions. "I Am Anonymous" stands as a very good example of what a man does when he's simply in love with making music and using his instrument as a tool to voice his point of view.

The second thing about the record is that it is very well-balanced. It really is an intellectual and intricate piece of music, but at the same time it amazes with the beauty it creates with almost each song on it. I guess that's why almost every song has an acoustic piece in it which actually fits great the whole coherent album. It is exactly the point when the songs leave you speechless. That's what good music is about. This very way of attracting and holding the attention, of gradually capturing the senses and appealing to the listener on at least a couple of different levels - it's almost like magic. Good music does that, yeah! Good music has magic in it for sure.

The acoustic and ballad-like parts of the songs complete their structures and emphasize the electric bits which gives a very dynamic and colorful experience throughout the album. Although the songs are quite long and very deep, you can't really get carried away and lose touch with reality. The music is rooted in the reality we live in and brings out a very sensitive interpretation of the world around us. So, it does get intimate, but in a very conscious way. The album is full of emotions and yet it doesn't blow you away, doesn't blow you "out of this world". It brings you very much deep into the world and its diverse aspects, themes, views and tones.

The true quality of this album however is it's straight-forward way of saying things. The warm voice of Damian Wilson makes each single line a precious experience, it is amazing how this guy uses his voice to express different emotions. I guess there isn't anything more fitting to the voice of Wilson than the keyboards of William Wakeman. And that's why you can listen to "Soldier" over and over again without getting tired of it. The guitar riffs are simply wonderful, it's a pity Pete Renaldi is somehow underestimated while he is actually great. This album wouldn't be the jewel it is without his style of playing, no way! With the very fist track on the record - "Stalled Armageddon", you immediately realize that those guys aren't joking at all with this record. What they do with "I am anonymous" is building a coherent piece of art.

Purity, professionalism, intellectualism, beauty beyond imagination and a straight-forward tone on all levels - just about the perfect combination of qualities to make your time with this album worthwhile. Once you open your ears and heart this record immediately leads you through a very human and sincere musical experience. Good work gentlemen! I personally hope you get together for another record sometime soon. Rock on.