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Thrashing 2008 - 88%

DGYDP, May 12th, 2008

This is without a doubt an amazing year for thrash, with dozens of great releases, reunions, festivals, etc. One of the highlights is this album: thrash metal with balls, ready to kick poser ass. Before I delve deeper into it, I'm going to advice all thrashers to stop wasting time reading this review and start looking for a copy.

The album starts of with a bunch of relatively short tracks, all straight-up-your-ass, neck wrecking thrash songs full of great riffs. The riffage reminds one of Artillery at times, which is obviously a good thing. Vocals sound raw and aggressive, occasionally crossing into falsetto area (though not much). Solo's are satisfying, but not out of the world. Doesn't matter, because overall the guitar work is very good.

A couple of samples of warfare provide variation, although that's not really necessary given the awesome riffs. After some short (2-3 min.) and regular (4-5 min.) songs I was blown away by a 9 minute epic track, easily the highlight of the album. A great guitar (and bass) solo of nearly 5 minutes in length left me sitting there, not being able to utter anything other than "holy shit".

This feeling is enhanced thanks to the 5 minute long instrumental that follows. These two tracks alone provide Headshot a place in the "best of 2008 thrash" releases. The final song could have been the second part of the instrumental, but the band choose to split them. Not a good decision if you ask me, though that doesn't really matter because it's another awesome thrash track.

The band has quite a unique sound (what can't be said of most of the current thrash bands) which is quite interesting and headbangable. Oh and as for the rest of the band? Well: the bass is hearable and good, while the drums are good too. The production is great, leaving a raw touch to the vocals and luckily not mixing in the drums too loud. If you like thrash, get this album!