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Headmeat - Mass Sociogenic Illness

Headmeat - Mass Sociogenic Illness - Baphomet Reco - 83%

Nuyt, September 5th, 2005

A band needs to evolve to have success. With that thought Meetjesland death metal act Headmeat started recording their, soon to be released, new album, entitled ‘Mass Sociogenic Illness’. Headmeat had already proven to know how to evolve with the ‘Destructive Entitlement’ MCD, their first release on Killjoy’s Baphomet Records, but this time they take it a step further. In the 2003 they recruited a new member, Nieke, who played keyboard. He brought some unconventional keys into Headmeat’s brutal death/grind which now can be witnessed on the new album. It takes a few times listening before you get used to the keys but when you did you’ll notice the difference between Headmeat and a standard deathmetal band. Most people will think that keys will make deathmetal sound more cheesy, that it’ll reduce the brutality but it actually adds something to the music, it gives it a more sinister and darker touch. ‘Mass Sociogenic Illness’ has eight tracks, but not all tracks are similar, in some of them you can still clearly hear the grindcore roots from this band (“Diggin’ Up Some Stiffs” for example). Overall is this album another positive note in our Belgian metal scene, a record that adds something to a genre, without losing roots or brutality. By the way, there’s also a very nice video clip from “Perfect Murder Sequence” added to this album, which is worth checking out, so you do that!