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Ear Trauma - 25%

SweetLeaf95, December 4th, 2018

All I’m gonna start with is this: if your goal is to write music specifically to offend people and go overboard lyrically, you’re bound to get some pretty negative feedback. I’ll admit, the first track did make me chuckle because I guess I’m just immature, but the joke gets old fast. Head Trauma are a crossover “party” thrash band that just put out an EP titled Daddys Little Ep. Basically, it’s five tracks that are disgustingly raunchy and like Steel Panther on steroids, but not glam.

As I stated, the joke gets old really fast, and once you get the little bit of laughter out of the way, the majority of this EP feels quite hollow. Every track emphasizes weird or gross sexual situations, and it’s not really what I’d call clever, so as far as writing goes there isn’t much to gain. The riffs match this because most of them are about as bare minimum as you can get, with practically no variance. Now granted, this sub-genre of metal isn’t exactly known for being the most creative, but all of the crossover I enjoy has at least something unique to reel you in. I honestly couldn’t tell the songs apart if there wasn’t a gap between each track.

With this, there’s not a lot of solo work to make up for the basic rhythms, and the little bit that there is goes almost nowhere. Try the one about a minute into “Human Torch,” and you’ll have heard pretty much all of it; just a few notes tapped really rapidly. Vocally, it actually reminds me a little bit of Slayer, and I actually think the front man’s voice is pretty solid. The backups that seem to implement hardcore-type screams aren’t very pleasing, but I gotta hand it to Head Trauma’s frontman.

In the end, I’m sure the musicians involved have some talent, and the singer does for sure; they just don’t turn it into good songs. Instead, what we get is an EP that hardly cracks fifteen minutes with no redeeming qualities musically, and raunchy lyrics that are funny for about a minute. I’m sure there are people out there that would absolutely eat this kind of thing up, but it isn’t for me. You know what they say though, even negative publicity is good publicity.

Originally written for Indy Metal Vault: