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Yes, "Mist" is German for "manure" - 90%

droneriot, November 30th, 2020

Some started to get it when Man and Jinn came out in 2000, but it was with 2009's Kembatinan Premaster at the latest that everybody started to understand that Havohej wouldn't release leftover Profanatica material anymore and had in fact become sometimes entirely different. Up until those points though, when nobody knew yet that it was the projects new actual musical direction, The Black Mist was really something of a cult classic because absolutely nobody had any idea what to make of it. Like either he was pulling a fast one on everybody, trolling his audience and label, or taking too many of the wrong kinds of drugs.

First of all you gotta love the synthetic drums. They're not programmed because they mess up the time here and there, they're obviously played on a keyboard. And that's one of those things you can only do when you are certain nobody can see you because it looks completely ridiculous, like you're trying to play "Chopsticks" as fast as you can. The type of thing you'd picture some geeky Korean kid do on Youtube, and isn't that exactly the mental image you wanna be going for with your grim, anti-human black metal? Total diabolical nihilism brought to you by the kid who covers the Super Mario theme by tapping on two guitars.

The music itself is ever so close to outdoing the likes of Gorguts and Necrophagist in sheer technicality, being that it is basically one note humming the behind the "drums", with some sound effect that's like a Casio imitation of windchimes ringing their soothing nothingness in a loop behind it. And, as anyone with a bit of musical knowledge will already know, the best way to top off a drum cover of "Chopsticks" with a soothing one note hum behind it is to scream harsh black metal vocals over it at the top of your lungs. I think you may understand now why I said people were thinking what they were thinking, that either Paul Ledney was trolling or had one too many of all things mind-altering.

You may at this point think that this review sounds like a negative review and feel a justified disconnect between the review you read and the rating stated above it. But that's down to whatever anybody's personal taste is, as for me personally, thinking "whatever the fucking fuck in the fucking world is this??" when listening to a piece of music is not something I consider negative. Yeah it's a puzzle why anyone would record or release such a thing, but there is a beauty in the limitless diversity of music that for any possible thing that can be done and be called music, there's somebody out there who will do it. This of course includes many things that are just grating and unlistenable, but that is one thing The Black Mist is not. It's completely outlandish and bizarre but it has its very own unique atmosphere to it, like how someone would interpret black metal if he was so drugged out of his mind that he couldn't tie his shoelaces without the help of trained professionals. And in the end, once it turned out that this would be the musical direction for the coming decades of Havohej's career I could never help but appreciate that there's someone out there doing black metal like nobody else would instead of just adhering to established standards of how black metal needs to be to be perceived as "good."