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Crap and shit - 0%

firebee1, December 13th, 2007

The production makes this whole thing a joke. The guitars come through as a low buzz and the drums sound like a kitchen being turned upside down a million times but with the volume turned down. Toss some monotonous grimvox over it all and you have Man and Jinn. It was funny for the first song, especially during the title track when a sample of some guy comes through speaking, "THIS IS THE END OF JESUS CHRIST," followed by a big grim WUHHHHHHHHH before going back into the silliness.

After that it's not really funny, it's completely unbearable. Almost nine whole minutes of this shit and not a single redeeming note, it's amazing.

I don't understand how people interpret this sort of stale effortless shit as some sort of original genius just because there's absolutely no trace of genuine merit and therefore it must be amazing for some incomprehensible reason. "Oh my, this is so fucking horrible, it MUST be good!" Lemme clear this up for y'all: this release is shit, therefore it is shit. Shit = shit.