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Havohej - Man and Jinn - 89%

Satanic_Warmonger, November 29th, 2005

Much different than the full length. This release has alot in common with the previous release, "The Black Mist". Its sound is very unexpected and most likely not going to be enjoyed by common metalheads and even black metallers because it is that original. "Mann and Jinn" uses very soft sounds with only two real hard sounds, the drum which follows very simple patterns, and the vocals which are still greatly evil. The way the music feels, it sounds so distant, tons of reverb kind of deal. What you end up with is a very distant sounding type of black metal with a always constant rumbling in the background (guitars ?), and drums playing simple patterns while Paul belches out mutilated vox. The same effect is used with the covers. They are not your typical covers where the band really tries to emulate who they are covering. Havohej has chosen to do the covers very original, using that same rumbling background noise and more noticable are the drums and vocals. So the only way to know what youre listening to is Venom, or Impaled Nazarene is to be able to be familiar with the drum beat and maybe even the vocals. I have a feeling that a release like this if released by some unknown childish black metal band ran by 14 year olds, would be greatly laughed at because well, this release isnt very impressive. But since its Havohej, everyone respects the artistic/creative sound of Havohej, just wouldnt fly if it were recorded by people who it sounds like it was recorded by: young kids fucking with a tape recorder.