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A New Sound for Black Metal - 85%

boneexposed, August 10th, 2009

When you first listen to “Kembatinan Premaster” you might find it a little bit repetitive, you might also ask yourself “Where the hell are the riffs?” but when you give it a second listen you can notice that Paul Ledney is still having original ideas.

This album has some of the essence that the last two EP’s have, but it’s only the essence. On this album you can find a little bit more black metal than on the other two that I already mentioned. The songs here are a mix of pure primitive black metal with a good production and some ambient/noise that give the album a great energetic and dark mood. Just imagine two notes of your favorite Profanatica song played during all the song.

The bass here doesn’t change a lot but it’s still powerful, the same happens with the drum machine, several songs have the same beat. What I found pretty interesting is that the intention of this album is not making a riff with the guitar, the guitar is just there to make the noise. The elements added there, like the noises that sound like an old machine, play with your mind and you start to feel the catchiness of the song. This last thing happens because Paul Ledney’s vocals aren’t just the vocals, they become an instrument too. When you mix all this, believe it or not, you have a not so repetitive song.

Some of the songs that I liked the most are “Bloud And Souls”, “Melancholike” and “Sundowning”, also I fucking love that pummeling noise that is used on the first track and on “Hatefull Unto God”.

If you are looking for raw black metal or even something similar to new Profanatica, this is not the album you want to listen, this is something that goes beyond. And I gave an 85 to this album because I wanted more songs.