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Different, indeed.... - 80%

Tyrm, July 14th, 2007

I had been seeking this release out for quite some time ever since I discovered Profanatica through Havohej's Dethrone The Son of God, and when Hells Headbangers got the very last copies from the seemingly now-defunct label, I didn't hesitate to order my copy.

When I put this on the turntable and pressed start, what I got was something unexpected...this is definitely a different turn from what was recorded on the last album. For starters, the eight-minute title track is guitar distortion that completely eliminates any form of consonance. There's no "riff" in the conventional sense to be heard. It's pure noise, all played over a simple, repetitive drumbeat with occasional snakelike rasps from Paul's well-trained Black Metal throat. This sounds like what could've influenced Krieg's Destruction Ritual or Patrick Bateman EP, two releases which take this concept to a more explosive and painful-sounding level, but not to detract from the quality of the EP at hand. After the title track, the other side represents two tracks which are about as close to DTSOG as the music gets on here, but even then the sound is more abstract and minimalistic. A drum machine seems to be used as well as evil-sounding keys (though thankfully the latter is kept to a minimal as always), which are prevalent in the outro of the third and final track....the result is complete and utter profanation of the Christian faith in a unique way that listeners will either love or hate. Man, after hearing this and the other two Havohej releases that followed, I cannot imagine how the upcoming Tongkat Blood Wand will sound...

If you can find this release, I urge you strongly to pick it up, but if you're expecting another DTSOG you'll be disappointed. Expect something unique, but no less profane than all of Paul Ledney's other works...