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Slay-Tallica - 60%

SouthernMetalLord, May 31st, 2006

HavocHate at their earliest/best effort in this demo, with the Shredding riffs of Slayer and Metallica combined with a Tom Araya like screams. Although only four songs this shit is great. I loved it the first time i heard it, and i fucking mean it. If i got a chance to meet these guys i bet they'd be surprised i had this little piece. But it's great to listen to when your pissed off and want a couple songs to get u pumped. In my opinion this demo is better than their album. The shredding in Drenched In Sweat is brutal and contagious to these crappy Nu-Metal bands who might take a listen. All together from the start of the first song i thought one thing, it's Slayer and 80's Metallica combined. Most metal bands coming out now have screamers and i think it's cool but there are very few who bring it to the old school, HavocHate does just that and that's what gives them their reputation. If i were reading this i would get the fuck up and go download some of these songs off the wed, hell it's worth that and an opened can of woupass to go with it.