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Hathorious > Beneath the Shade of Hathor > Reviews
Hathorious - Beneath the Shade of Hathor

Hathorious - Beneath The Shade Of Hathor - 80%

JD89, April 8th, 2012

A few months ago I heard of this band Hathorious an oriental blackend death metal from Cairo, Egypt. I think their style is something between Scarab and Odious which are one of my favorites Egyptian metal bands that uses oriental elements in their music.

To begin with, Hathorious is a two pieces band (SlaGe, and Alhussin) formed in 2009, released its first Demo "Beneath The Shade Of Hathor" in 2011 which is only five tracks, let me start with the creepy creative intro "Dawn of The Ancients" how can I describes it? I think it starts with a rainy raw sound, and some birds sounds, like crows or maybe albatrosses (I really can't tell, because birds creeps me out), then you hear some oud playing on guitar (if I'm not wrong) in the background, mixed with some Egyptian atmosphere, then you hear the rainy raw sound again, very solid intro I must say.

I think the production of the demo is good, could be better though. The artwork is excellent. About the songs I think they made some incredible oriental riffs. The weakest thing I think is the drums, since it's a programing it's kind of a boring sometimes, the solos are overwhelming, the vocals in the entire Demo is mix between black-death and both are astonishing. The first thing that can be noted about the song "Abydos" is that between 00:40 and 00:50 you can hear a folk Arabic song, then you hear a shout (in Arabic I guess) then the song continue, I really liked that!. The last song "Funeral of Akhenaten" is an outro track with some growls, slowly solos and Egyptian atmosphere.

I'm really looking forward to hear a full-length by Hathorious. So if you like Oriental Black or Death metal bands such as Nile, Melechesh, Odious, Scarab, and Al-Namrood, you must check this demo, which is for free download here.

Best Tracks: Glory Be to Osiris, Abydos.

Rating: 8/10

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...and this is just the demo? - 88%

truvelocity, September 26th, 2011

There's a lot of great metal coming out of Egypt and the Middle East these days.
You get the immediate feeling that these bands are striving to carve a niche for create a singular identity in a metal world that seems to be branded with sameness especially in the extreme circles. Along with fellow countrymen Scarab, Tunisia's Progressive powerhouse Myrath, Out Body Experience and Jordan's Bilocate, Hathorious have crafted a sound rich in oriental texture and flowing with the milk of melodic kindness. They in fact have managed to transcend the common metal groupings and their sound weaves chaotically from Doom to Death to Black to Prog with the oriental elements being the only adjoining thread.

What makes this five song demo such a wow is the fact that despite all this avant garde pandering, the band still manages to stay true to all we have come to love about metal. The "riff" is present in every song and they know how to hold down a good groove upon which they then lay their intricate melodies. Comparisons cannot easily be drawn and that is where Hathorious shall succeed. The song "Abydos" for instance calls Dark Tranquillity to mind but is rather more layered and cyclical than anything that band has thus done. The band's black metal elements shine more thorougly in the drumming than anywhere else. Everything is clear and audible (for a demo) and if this is any indication to what the album will sound like then I'm already breathless with anticipation!