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Good news, this is horrible - 22%

OlympicSharpshooter, August 21st, 2004

Well, this'll be a short review because there is very little to say. Although the avian death metal label basically made me crap myself with glee, there is nothing to this in truth. In sounds like guttural, sloppy death from approx. 1990 (or circa last week, in that nihilistic anti-social neighbour kid's garage, or hell, maybe even your garage), really chunky guitars and just a poorly produced 'wall o' sound' type deal, where no instrument really stands out.

The vocals, gimmick and selling-point, aren't all that far removed from regular death. There's a lot of trashy low-register stuff, possibly handled by one of those stern-faced young men in the picture that is remiscent of very old-school death, the kind that is still wandering in the primordial, Possessed stew. Of course there's some high squawks, but the sound isn't very clean so it just comes off as a sort of tortured howl in the distance, even if the mix isn't 'deep' enough to allow for seperation of any kind. This may as well be called instrumental music, because the parrot is essentially just another instrument, and it's not like it can 'sing' lyrics.

The LPC stuff is basically 'metal interludes' that formed transitions between the various 'prank call' skits on that act's other albums. They just sorta sound like sucky thrash/death, so I'd just download the "Gods of Empty Nest" MP3 and have done with it.

I rate this a 22, for music, and a 65 for comedy. Still, the packaging (a parody mixing elements of Priest, Carcass, and Hatebreed) is ultra-slick, and the fact that you can say to your buds, 'Man, I was rockin' to some avian death metal...' and then watch their faces when you explain that it's metal with a PARROT singing... that's worth more than words, and more than this music.

Stand-Outs: Who are you kidding?