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Evil-Deadfall - 75%

kimiwind, March 22nd, 2011

Hate God Breed is a melodic Death Metal band from Fukuoka, Japan. The band members are new to the scene, with no much experience in the metal music industry, and thus you just can’t expect too much from their debut releases. However, after launching the first promotional demo and getting joined by a new female vocalist called Evil, they decided to re-record the track Deadfall by inserting Evil on the back vocals as a supporter for Ant. The self produced single is quite poor production wise, if not good at all, especially the guitars that sound very noisy and up in the mix.

Apart from the mediocre production, I can see a good band here on the musicianship aspect. Adding Evil on the vocals was a completely good idea. Evil's vocals are indeed evil and demonic. She has a very sharp tone, backing up Ant with hateful shrieks. Ant on the other hand throws in some deep growls, although they are just your basic death metal vocals, nothing extraordinary or unusual. In fact what makes Ant's role very effective is that it goes well with the other instruments. The guitar riffs are basic but well done and energetic delivering a dark feeling to the music. The main solo of the track sounds not bad but should have been played better. The acoustic guitar intro was the most impressive thing here; it’s quite short but completely enjoyable. The bass is well heard and added this brutal touch on the release, in spite of the shaky production. The drums are down on the mix and I can barely hear them, but when I hear them they sound solid enough with firm patterns and fine percussion.

This band might be so much obscure, but they look to have so much potential and skill. With a better production this single would have looked better. The band needs to work more and maybe release a mini album before signing to a major label. Anyone who is looking for an obscure melodic death metal release should give this a chance, you might like it.

Written for Encyclopaedia Metallum 22-03-2010
© Kimiwind