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Hate Forest > The Most Ancient Ones > Reviews > Detestor2796
Hate Forest - The Most Ancient Ones

The most ancient ones will definitely be pleased. - 100%

Detestor2796, August 24th, 2018

Hate Forest's "The Most Ancient Ones" has to be one of the most iconic black metal albums that came from Ukraine, for in here it's laid-out the purest quintessence of Black Metal.

Hate, violence, brutality, coldness and last but definitely not least, DARKNESS, are the subjects displayed by the mighty trio that are Roman Saenko, Roman Blagih (a.k.a. Thurios) and Khors' drummer Khaoth. The first two are also the responsibles of Drudkh, fact that is nothing short of a sign that they know what they are doing.

As soon as you press "play" on your player, you are introduced to the album with some incredibly, earth-shattering vocals by Mr. Saenko, which is also responsible for some of the guitar and bass playing in this release. Following this, the growls are contrasted by the distinctive vocals from Thurios, which even though they aren't as intense as Saenko's are, they are still brutal enough while also playing some guitar lines of his. All of this, is being followed by the most brutal and coldly calculated drum programming by Khaoth (challenging enough for those who would like to reproduce them in a real drum-set) which follows the chaos from his band-partners accordingly

As stated before, the album begins with those monstrous vocals, followed by some incredible guitars and blast beats, that are almost present on the entirety of the release.

Even though this recipe of fast-pacing guitars and rapid blast beats seems to be quite simple in paper to the common listener, the trio manages to make the most out of it by mixing them with sick double bases, tremolo picking bridges and insane riffs,which are all immersed in a cold ambiance, given by the recording quality. In spite of that very recording quality being unappealing to some, it definitely serves it's purpose as a deadly atmosphere, where the listener is being torn apart by the fierce winter winds, while in fear of the ruthless monster voices near him.

Definitely, a kvlt masterpiece. 100/100

Stand-out tracks: Inmost Winter, Darkness