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Soothing NS - 70%

DanFuckingLucas, December 19th, 2004

Ahh, here we have the mighty Hate Forest, with the "Ritual" EP. Two tracks of soothing beautiful music. The first, 'Black God' is merely natural sounds, with an ominous drumbeat droning in the background. A steady pace it goes at, before being joined by what sounds like (*shock*) a guy performing a ritual. After he's done speaking, we are still graced with the sounds of nature, until the song ends.

The second track, "Burning Churches" is a beautiful track, of around four and a half minutes duration. In the background for thirty or so seconds is the sound of a fire - I think that saying it is a church is a reasonable assumption. This track backs a simple guitar riff, played repeatedly for the next four minutes. Complex? Definitely not. Boring? It's not that, either. Easy listening? It definitely is.

Overall, Hate Forest create a nice, relaxing, atmosphere, reminiscent of Summoning and Burzum. If you are new to Hate Forest, I wouldn't recommend this, as there's not actual black metal per se, and you wouldn't really get a feel of the band's music (unless you pick it up in the nifty reissue featuring the "Blood & Fire" EP, too), but it is a nice listen.