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Hate Forest - Resistance EP - 83%

Emptrem, November 19th, 2004

Hate Forest's final release, "Resistance" EP is a pretty decent album. The vinyl opens up with "Annihilation" which is your essential Hate Forest. Straight to the point with not a lot of variation, but there is a certain intensity that is attractive. On Side B, "The Wood Brothers" clearly stands out as the better of the two. There are are some excellent chord progressions, and the production is quite fitting (especially the bass sound). Basically, this is a very short EP, about 8 minutes long, that would be good for any Hate Forest fan. Nothing new, but certainly something good.

Very generic BM, and very short - 68%

KayTeeBee, November 9th, 2004

Hate Forest's latest EP contains your average BM songs, and they don't compliment the style or insult it, andthey don't stand out in a bad or good way. As soon as the first song started (of this only 2 song long demo), I said "ah, here we go...another generic one". A simple and generic riff, with generic drums on top, and the vocals are absolutely nothing new.

The thing that's really missing in this demo is a unique sound to stand-out among the many black metal bands of today. The feelings I can get when I listen to BM vary a lot, I can feel sad, angry, you name it... but this album didn't give me any feeling of any kind. The ideas are well-thought, well executed, but what's lacking here is originality and a unique sound. It's also way too short. (Barely over 8 minutes long)... so if you're looking for an average black metal EP with simple ideas, you may enjoy it... but if you're looking for originality, stay away from this.

Resistance - 80%

Nicodemix, October 14th, 2004

I have to hand it to them: Hate Forest's usage of the 14th SS Division "Galacia" is a great tribute to the famed Ukrainian SS unit which attempted to drive out all hostile ideologies (Soviet and Nazi inclusive) from Ukraine in an attempt (although unsuccessful) to establish a free Ukraine. Hails to Hate Forest for their patriotism!

The EP itself contains two songs: "Annihilation" on side A and "The Wood Brothers" on side B. Both of the songs seem to be what can be best described as a mixture of their "Purity" era material with their style they used on their last album "Battlefields" Not quite as doomy as Battlefields, and sounds a lot more like their black metal material. Both quality songs. The thing that I noticed most about the EP was the vocal style. It sounds unlike any other Hate Forest release. I could describe them as death vocals, as per their usual style, but thrown through a distortion or something. In any case, that's the only low point.

Verdict: A worthy purchase if you're a fan but obviously not a release to try if you're new to the band. Its limited to 666 handnumbered copies, get it while you still can.