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Hate Forest > Purity > Reviews > Lunar_Strain
Hate Forest - Purity

Purity In The North? - 94%

Lunar_Strain, October 17th, 2007

This album reminds me explicitly of Immortal's "Battles In The North" album, due to the production and the guitar tone, as well as some of the riffs.

The double bass and the patterns on "Domination" and "Elder Race" are prime examples, and the guitar riffs on "Domination" instantly make me recall "Grim And Frostbitten Kingdoms", whilst the opening to "Elder race" makes me think of "Blashyrkh".That's not to say this band is an Immortal rip-off, though there seems to be quite an Immortal influence present.

Originally what attracted me to this band was that the members are also in Drudkh -- a band I happen to be an advent fan of. But this music is nothing like Drudkh's, though they seem to share the same conceptual and political views, though not stating them in their lyrics or music.

Political standpoints, aside, this album is solid and extremely well performed. The blast beats are fast and aggressive, whilst the guitar riffs powerhouse right along with them, and the bass is just all over the place, following the two of them along. The guitars are heavy, and fast, as is the drumming, and the overall sounds makes one think this is more a Death Metal album than Black Metal, and this is collaborated with when the vocals kick in, which are predominately low gutteral voices, rather than the aggressive yells like in Drudkh (not bad for Black Metal). The vocals, to be honest, aren't the greatest that's every come out of death-black material, and the yells that accompany them (I'm guessing these are the highs) make this sounds more death-corish than metal.

Overall, this is an extremely well done album, and highly enjoyable. Recommended~!