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Hate Forest - Blood & Fire / Ritual - 90%

Satanic_Warmonger, August 3rd, 2005

This has to be one of the best NSBM bands out there. This ranks up there with other excellent Slavic nsbm bands like Gontyna Kry, Graveland, Honor, and so forth. The opening track is pure destructive evil. The others who have reviewed this album and enjoyed the opening track are very right. The drumming is very changing and sets alot of emotion. The guitars are also setters of emotion in the music of Hate Forest. But the top utmost awesome thing about Hate Forest is the vocals! Strong grunts, the vocals of Mortician came to mind when listening to Hate Forest, just not as cheesey... Followed by the first track is this one, i dont believe there is any singing in it, just instrumental, alot like the first track, again good beats, good sounding guitar. After this we have a very strange track, lots of nature sounds, reminded me of Perunwit ALOT! The sounds of nature, war drums starting to commence, followed by some strange quasi Pagan chant, it indeed reminds the listener of Perunwits type music. The last track comes on, youve already been mellowed out by the quasi Perunwit song. But instead you are again greeted by the very impressive sounds of Hate Forest in full force. I suggest this band to anyone who listens to: Abyssic Hate, Perunwit, and also Burzum. Download it off a friend, attempt a purchase at a store, you must have it, its short, but very amazing, NSBM still produces true bands.