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Two tracks by Hate Forest - 55%

VRR, December 17th, 2007

The Hate Forest mission statement was surely written on a day that found the band critically short of ink.

This is the only act in the world that makes Iron Maiden's back catalogue appear progressive. Yet at the same time they have retained a loyal fanbase, and are almost universally respected for their signature-sound interpretation of the more extreme elements of post-millenium metal. As such, anyone who has heard any Hate Forest material whatsoever will find this review utterly redundant: you know what "Blood and Fire" will sound like and you know whether that is a good thing or a bad thing for you.

The two tracks on Blood and Fire are fairly non-descript even by Hate Forest standards. It is something of a mystery as to why these tracks would find themselves back-to-back on an ep when they could have fit easily into any one of the full length releases. Of the two, it is the closing track "Nietzscheism" that edges it slightly, having the slightly better drum programming of the two and resolving with a satisfyingly melodic guitar lead at the end.

The clicking basslines of the album "Sorrow" are not present here, much to this recordings disadvantage. The deep metallic twanging of the last album added an extra level of malicious intent to the Hate Forest arsenal, and exaggerated the swaggering arrogance of those half-tempo sections at the same time.

A further addition to the Hate Forest discography as it is, the contents here are completely pointless released in this form. Find them on the double ep with the daft "Ritual" ambient tracks, or better still on the Nietzscheism compilation.