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Good? Yes. New? No. - 85%

AthiestWarrior, July 29th, 2011

I have been a fan of Hate Eternal ever since I heard I Monarch. Their brand of fast and unrelenting death metal appealed to me and still does but after listening to this album I am not nearly as impressed as I was after I'd listened to I Monarch. This is strange because both albums are essentially made up with the same ingredients, technical guitar work, unrelenting drums that never seem to stop for a break and the growls of Erik Rutan. Everything is perfect but their is one thing missing, Originality.

Musically this album matches up to all previous Hate Eternal releases. Jade Simonetto does an exceptional job on the drums being just as fast and unrelenting as past Hate Eternal drummers have became known for. As usual Erik Rutan gives an excellent performance as the sole guitarist, showing a high amount of technicality while keeping the riffs memorable. J.J. Hrubovcak also gives a sound performance on bass again matching up to past Hate Eternal bassists and even managing to keep up with Erik Rutan. The vocals also taken up by Erik Rutan are as usual excellent and it may be the production but they sound much more clearer in this release which is nice to hear.

The problem with Phoenix Amongst The Ashes is not the music it is the fact that Hate Eternal have become so predictable with their music that it is hard to get excited about a new release even when the release comes out as well as this has, music wise their isn't anything I can criticize on this album, anyone who hasn't listened to Hate Eternal before I implore you to listen to this as it is a fantastic piece of Technical Death Metal but for anyone familiar with their work I suggest you look elsewhere as their is nothing new here.

Although they've brought nothing new to the mix I can see myself listening to this just as much as the other Hate Eternal releases, their a great band and this is a great album.

Stand out tracks: The Art of Redemption and Hatesworn.