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Good Of All Goods - 80%

Hames_Jetfield, July 21st, 2021

Relatively good reception of "Conquering The Throne" and growing interest in Hate Eternal itself meant that Erik Rutan and the rest of the band on "King Of All Kings" decided not to change the previous style. It was supposed to be similar to the debut album, i.e. mainly morbidish and intense, and the differences - sporadic and without madness. This approach is thrown here even before firing the album, more precisely, from the line-up accompanying Rutan. Because apart from the leader and Jared, the vast majority of them dropped out of the previous line-up, only a new drummer, Derek Roddy, appeared. And - ironically - nothing wrong with that, in such a slightly slimmer line-up was most people believe, one of the best albums that have been released under the Hate Eternal name!

And is it really the best? In my opinion no. At this point, I would be able to point out at least a few other favorites that are quite superior to "King Of All Kings". However, it does not change the fact that this album is another portion of high-level death metal, in the type of what one would expect from Morbid Angel. The general style, ideas, exuberance, all these elements are an extension of "Conquering..." and this style of music is held by Hate Eternal the most. Fortunately, it's also done "with taste" and without unnecessary self-quotes that the whole longplay is perceived only in plus.

At this point, the selection of the best tracks misses the point, as all of them (not including the intros) revolve around heavily blasted death metal. I can indicate "Servants Of The Gods", "Powers That Be", "The Obscure Terror" or "Born By Fire", but I think it's best to check them all. As you might know, fans of melodies, gothic women and folk metal have nothing to look for on "King Of All Kings", they probably will be eliminated in the first seconds of the title track, although those who are excited to play in the style of Morbid Angel, but with small differences and, as such, with their own idea should check the whole album. I don't need to mention the fans of "Conquering The Throne", this position should suit them even more than the previous one.

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