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Good Album, But needs more fine tuning - 78%

emperorsavnock, March 18th, 2008

Erik Rutan is not only the leading man for Hate Eternal, but he is also a music producer.... A music producer for Metal Blade Record artists that is. So it seemed when Erik Rutan and Hate Eternal took their show to Metal Blade Records, and knowing Metal Blade is thankful enough to have Erik Rutan produce records for some of their "elite" artists in the past, you would think they are such "buddy buddies" that Metal Blade would give them an excellent album with Erik on the producing helm again with their latest release "Fury & Flames" Unfortunately that is NOT the case...

Previous works these men of Hate Eternal have given us, show that they are brutal, but technical at the same. But, with case of "Fury & Flames" it's a different story. Sure it's brutal, chaotic, technical, and melodic but with a few problems. For instance the musical and instrumental structure is NOT structured in several areas such as the brutal, chaotic, and melodic parts of each songs on this album. As well you can not hear Alex Webster playing his bass at ALL in this album. Second, the guitars and drums moraly dominate the music with several songs in this album. As well, as a band, Hate Eternal is not known to be that generic with their music, but with this album there are hints of generic playing in the music.

Overall this album of "Fury & Flames" that Hate Eternal has given us is a sign that US Death Metal is slipping and sliding on thin ice, as well shows that Metal Blade Records is doing the same thing. Also it shows Metal Blade does not have the touch to make excellent albums for veteran Death Metal artists anymore, and show it's sure sign of decline as a creditable record label for extreme metal bands for the past several years.

This is a good album but, sure needs alot work to be done to make it an excellent and appealing album to any Death Metal fan. I would recommend this album if you are a die hard Hate Eternal fan.