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invoking the antichrist - 92%

AtteroDeus, December 19th, 2004

When I first heard that Hate were releasing a live DVD, i was slightly perplexed considering that the band have no merchandise other than cds availble outside of Poland - let alone how practically impossible it is to get hold of any merch inside of Poland.

Needless to say though, I was still anticipating what promised to be at least an interesting excursion into the live realm for those of us unfortunate enough not to have seen the band live (that'll be practically anyone outside of Poland then).

To be honest, with the exception of say Cain's Way, the bands earlier material, whilst distinctly "brutal" and capable, tended to verge too much on the type more concerned with aping influential bands rather than making a distinct sound all of it's own.

With their most recent album, the excellent 'Awakening Of The Liar', Hate made such a noticeable step not so much away but forward from their previous material. Regardless of your view on how clear a death metal production should be, Hate's much more clinical sharp precision sound on 'Awakening...' benefited them infinitely and also got them far more noticed on the wider scale than they previously had been.
So it's not really that great a surprise that the majority of the material in this live set is from that particular album, but when I'm as big a fan of that album as I am I'm not going to complain.

In all honesty, Hate pretty much sound as good as they do on record, albeit a noticeable amount heavier due to the live setting - coming across at times as sounding vaguely Behemoth-esque - keeping the banter between songs to the utmost minimum and letting the music do the talking.

The extras on the disc combine the interesting (interview with Adam The First Sinner, actually conducted in English as opposed to Polish with English subtitles - a big thumbs up from me), to the relatively mundane such as internet links, discography etc, most of which of the latter is availible via their website.

The interview itself, while informative and covering the band's history & influences as you would expect, could have maybe seemed a little too staged as opposed to a slightly more informal atmosphere which would have been better in my opinion, but that aside is nonetheless worth watching.

Overall, this is a good example of how a death metal DVD should be done, with a number of different camera angles - granted nowhere near as many as the larger more well-financed bands choose to use - thick enough sound to convey how heavy it is but without clouding the sound too much.

The live set : 9 / 10
Extras : 7 / 10