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Solid Thrashing stuff - 72%

caspian, May 27th, 2007

Hatchet- another band I'd have never heard of if it wasn't for the excellent demo download thread on the forums. Hatchet traffics in a frantic, somewhat hardcore-influenced thrash stuff, which may sound a bit core-ish, but there's no core in this. The riffs bring to mind early 80's bay area stuff with it's hardcore roots still intact.

Yeah, this is solid stuff, heaps of aggression and energy. I should give the production mad props- the drums are a bit low, but it sounds really heavy and there's heaps of clarity, surprising for a demo. Anyway, on with the music. The riffs are pretty technical and there's heaps of energy. I'm not very knowledgeable regarding most thrash (anything outside of the big four is a stretch for me) but it's fast, somewhat melodic, fairly choppy and quite heavy. Admittedly, it would be a bit cool for some more riffs to be in the songs.. Frailty of the Flesh in particular is quite a repetitive beast. Nonetheless, the riffs are generally quite enjoyable, there's plenty of variety in them, and while there is some melody don't think this is watered down.. This isn't a heavy metalcore band, this is straight up thrash. Some good solos too- lots of tapping, fairly fast but still quite melodic and not too showy.

Aside from some occasional repetition, there is one band thing- and that's the vocals. Well, they aren't terrible, but the guy would be a lot more appropriate with a more straight up crossover band. He does the 'yell the vocals really fast' thing, which doesn't really work. There's a few pretty bad moments, with the vocals in Frozen Hell particularly weak. While I'm not a total hater of the vocalist, this kind of music could really use some more gruff, throaty vocals then what's there now. Oh well.

Still, this is a pretty solid demo. The riffs are huge and there's just so much energy throughout this whole album. A bit more complexity within the song structures and some slightly stronger vocals and this will definitely be a band to watch out for.