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A Catchy Collection Of 80's Influences - 70%

Shirt_Guy, August 4th, 2008

Hatchet fits right with the 80’s crossover/thrash bands by taking early Suicidal Tendencies and mixing in a little bit of Slayer with some Testament like melodies and harmonies. Pull in some guitar solos that go over to good old 80’s power metal, and acoustic breaks that harken back to 80’s glam metal, and that’s a lot of 80’s all wrapped up together. It’s catchy too, and full of youthful energy, if a little on the loose side. However, the Slayer, Testament, power metal and glam tend to get lost on some of the more cliche points that begin to sound less 80’s, and more like other bands that came out recently, especially those yelped vocals which get a little out of breath every now and then.

“Awaiting Evil” stands on the young energy and the catchy hooks, but I can see that only lasting for so long. I’d personally like to see Hatchet crank up the most notable points, those being the Slayer nastiness, the Testament melodies, the power metal solo sections and the glam metal acoustics. Now that sounds entertaining.

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