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HAT: "Vortex of Death" - 70%

skaven, December 3rd, 2011

With all the possible jokes about the band’s name aside right in the beginning, Vortex of Death is a rather well-done album of uncompromising and evil black metal with all the necessities inside: malicious atmosphere, simple riffs and underground production.

To be honest, though, Vortex of Death was uninviting at first. The production is fairly poor due to the overall powerless sound - guitars are really thinly buzzing - and clearly programmed drums. But there was something in the music that kept me getting back to the album and still keeps: in spite of all the clumsiness sound-wise, the album is somehow charming and songs like ”The Flesh I Wear” and ”Slaves of Insanity” comprise impressive guitar lines. ”Tilintetgjørelsen” ends the album with epic soundscapes, another standout moment on the album. Undertrykker’s raspy screams are one of the best features here even if nothing new, compensating for the otherwise weak production.

Multiple listens reveal that there’s more depth to the record that it first seemed: there’s some synths to be spotted occasionally and the riffs just start to sink in better in time. Modern Countess is what comes to my mind when listening to Vortex of Death, but just a more devilish version. There’s no way I could recommend this to someone only into modern technical black metal acts, but those who don’t mind some clumsiness and not-ass-kicking production, then do yourself a favour and look into this.

3.5 / 5
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