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Hanging Garden - How Will You Live Your Life ? - 95%

Suicidalgroup, March 1st, 2010

If you've been following the American DSBM scene closely over the past years then you likely are aware of Hanging Garden. They don't sound totally like their more famous countrymen, except perhaps Happhy Days, and also a slight bond towards Withering Night, The Eternal Night, and Wedard. Fortunately, this album is a perfect soundtrack for your death, every track is crushing and memorable as some of the material from the American depressive\suicidal black metal releases.

Hanging Garden stands out as another of those bands (like Happy Days or Nostalgie) who eschew the use of speed guitar riffs and instead enhance the presence of the slow melancholic guitar riffs and the harmonized bass over the drums. "B." is a sick creature who will do anything in that microphone to damage your day, whether that's an adjusted black snarl, morbid screaming vocals or throat clearing, askew depression. The musicianship is never disappointed. Each bass and guitar line, each drum fill, all complement the depression of the track between them, as do the vocals, which glow into the skies of the environment.

"Under The Hanging Vines" is nearly 8 minutes in length, with a cool atmospheric guitar sounds, it really sustains itself well through such a long play time, and for the few moments it absorbed my thoughts, my brain was honestly hooked. "Past Mistakes In Life" is depressive and more ritualistic, with the tortured vocals often creating a symmetrical line to the drum-beats before they become obscene Crumb-like. They've also included an instrumental track "A Beautiful Song Of Never Reached Dreams" which sounds as if it's being recorded from a grave. The production of this album is simply cold. Though I have compared the band to Happy Days sometimes, they're really a lot more depressive and atmospheric, as if everything were done to provide a suicidal quality, which is perhaps where the subliminal fan comes into focus.

This is not for the normal fans, and really, unless you can imagine yourself listening to something like Nocturnal Depression, with lower guitars, and slower than a crawl ,I'd advise you stay so far away from this. Of course, the members would only be too pleased that you stayed away from their depressive sick art, but I certainly recommend this album if you crave something depressing to the very limit of possibility.

Highlights : Will I End Up Loosing You Some Day, Only In My Mind, Under The Hanging Vines, A Beautiful Song Of Never Reached Dreams.