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Abusive, Hate-filled Anthems - 86%

Erin_Fox, October 29th, 2006

A scathing wall of blackened hatred emanates from the digits of “Vicecrown” as Handful Of Hate show that they are amongst the most dark of the black metal acts.

You’ll hear plenty of blasting madness as the band tears through “I Hate” in supremely wicked fashion. In particular, the mixing was done very well on this record, realizing an excellent black metal sound free of trend following and enhancements such as keyboards and digital effects. Instead, you get nine tracks screaming like a rabid bat out of Hell.

High-pitched growls fill out “Beating Violence” as the guitars conform to high register flurries of notes, speeding along vehemently to the continuous blasting. Handful Of Hate deliver frenzied, manic rhythms on “Risen Into Abuse”, where you will find the band to deviate from blasting for brief interludes to insert black mosh mathematics.

The maze of shredding guitar licks in “Vexer’s Kult” makes for a skin shredding attack as the group slices through narrow corridors of violent musical outpourings. With so many black metal artists determined to play a more commercial style in order to broaden their audiences, it’s excellent to find an ensemble that is committed to keeping the true nature of the sound alive.

For all of you diehards that are true to the original style of the genre and can appreciate the rawness of the effort, “Vicecrown” will be of definite interest.