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Good and well played concert... but.... - 77%

Brat1983, April 20th, 2005

For some reason or another, my x-girlfriend gave this DVD to me the same day as she broke up with me... Seems pretty weird to me, but what do I know?

This concert is actually a pretty good concert. It's well played and everything but somehow it seems a little too arranged.... Of course, they have to play tight to make the fire come out at the exact right time, but it just seems a little too well planned for my liking... When playing live, you should have the opportunity to improvise a little bit.

Anywho, the tracks played are excellent selected. Hammerfall has made a lot of great numbers since the debut and practically all the great ones are represented here. Riders of the storm, Heeding the Call, Stone Cold, Glory To the Brave, Hearts on Fire, Renegade.... etc etc...
There's also a bass solo by Magnus Rosén, but despite he's a good bassplayer, it's pretty boring.
The guitar solo by Stefan Elmgreen is more exciting. He's a real good guitarist and the band plays along on his solo. Pretty cool!
At the end of the show, Hammerfall is presented to a gold record for 30,000 sold copies of Crimson Thunder in Sweden which actually is pretty impressive considering the kind of music the band plays. Good old genuine true heavy metal perhaps is a bit on the rise again :-)

The crowd is going wild on every track and singing their hearts out, making a real good heavy metal atmosphere and I probably would have enjoyed this concert more if I had been in Lisebergshallen, Gothenburg, that night.

The extra material features on the road footage with little commentaries from the road crew and bassist Magnus Rosén shows us around in the band's tourbus.
There's also some concert pictures, but I find these to be of very little interest. It's more enjoyable to watch the concert.

When it all comes down, this concert is pretty enjoyable despite being a little too arranged for my liking, but the band plays the songs well and the crowd is absolutely fantastic. If my band could get to play for such a crowd, I would be EXTREMELY thankful.

Go get this is you're a fan of Hammerfall or a fan of old school heavy metal :-)