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Interesting Change - 98%

heavyrocker, February 19th, 2009

Almost a perfect masterwork, but beware if you are one of those hard die fans of old Hammerfall and don't want a change in their style maybe this is not your album, when I heard 2 years ago the "Threshold" album, I ran into my friends and told them about a possible change into the Hammerfall composing and singing structure, well at that moment someone told me that they still do the same sound, but as I have said this is the final proof.

Since the begining of the album you can see this is comming with more speed and more heavy that any other hammerfall album before, you can feel that there is a new Hammerfall if you want to put it that way, even the instrumental song "Something For The Ages" is something new in the band I mean 5 minutes instrumental in two beautiful leading guitars is awesome.

There's a new technical thing to notice in the voice of Joacim Cans, he has been taking classes I'm sure, because you have never see him singing like that, there's much of two genres in this new sound, you may listen melodies in the classic NWOBHM, but on the other side you can identify marches in the speed metal style, but it's still a power metal album.

Also you can find a catchy ballad called "Between 2 Worlds", that's something everyone expects in a Hammerfall album, lyrically the band still keep their focus on warriors, not many templars but war it's still the main subject, finally for the old "Renegade" sound fans there's a song for you too it's called "Legion"; we can say that Mr Norgren have been a factor in this new sound but I have been expecting this change since their last work.

Finally, this is the black spot of the album "My Sharona", I do like the classic rock song but this is a song that do not fit the rest of the album, my recommendation is to listen and prepare for the new Hammerfall.