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Let The Hammer Fall... - 35%

Flamos, February 26th, 2009

Many have told me HammerFall has been going under since “Crimson Thunder.” I never really believed it, I mean sure they were straying from their normal format, but not enough to go into a complete transformation. “Chapter V” was a little darker lyrically, but I still found it enjoyable. “Threshold” wasn’t anything special, but it wasn’t bad. I’ve been on forums and websites completely bashing this band, and I’ve always defended them. However, I can’t this time around, because “No Sacrifice, No Victory” is a horrible album. This is by far the bands worse to date. That’s hard for me to say because HammerFall have been one of my favorite bands for years, but this is unacceptable.

Well, the album starts off with a good track. “Any Means Necessary” is a solid song. It’s got the hook, which it’s truly the only real one found here. The guitar playing here is simple, at some point’s way too simple. The band has never been complex, but it shows bad here. The new lead guitar player Pontus Norgren brings absolutely nothing new to the table. Hell, maybe he does, but with this material you can’t tell. The guitar playing here isn’t that good at all, the drumming from Anders Johansson is all right, he does his job. Now, most will tell you that this is Joacim Cans best performance on any HammerFall record. I disagree, but it’s good here. But hey, no one really ever cares about this bands line-up anyway. “Between Two Worlds” is a ballad with boredom splattered all over it. It really doesn’t really sound like HammerFall actually.

Hey, do you remember the pop song “My Sharnoa” from the old days? Well, I’ve always disliked the track to be honest, and HammerFall covering it is very odd. It doesn’t help that they make it worse, and more annoying. “Bring the Hammer Down” is one of the average tracks on here, and being average on this album is like being good anyway. No, Hallowed Be My Name” isn’t an Iron Maiden cover. What a stupid name for a song… how about “Number of the Yeast?” or “The Bicker Man?” Anyway, this song isn’t anything special either. “Legion” has some potential, but it’s blown away with mediocrity.

Ugh, this really sucks. I was really looking forward to this album. Actually, this I one of the most of the most disappointing albums I’ve ever listened to. To all those who’ve always hated HammerFall… you’re wish has come true. The fall of the hammer has occurred. Avoid this by any means necessary.