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Quite competent indeed - 70%

UltraBoris, August 28th, 2002

Crimsonblood pretty much summed up everything on a factual level. It's power metal, with just enough speed metal thrown in to make it truly worthwhile. The production is very good - the guitars are nice and loud in the mix, and the riffs are not destroyed by endless double bass.

Cans's vocals are indeed quite average, but they do tend to work well here. Also, the songs display enough variety from one to the next to keep the album interesting. "Heeding the Call" is what introduced me to this band in 1998 or 1999 - I liked the Helloween "Keeper I" style melodies, combined with the more speed-metal sensibility of "Walls of Jericho".

Then, "Legacy of Kings" is not quite as fast and a bit more epic, while "Let the Hammer Fall" is the equivalent of "Rock Hard, Ride Free" - yes, pretty much this can be compared to "Defenders of the Faith" at times. Lots of endless soloing, speed metal riffs everywhere - it's not nearly as amazingly overpoweringly refreshingly new as that album was in 1984, but the general style is quite similar.

Other songs that rule include "Back to Back", which is a cover of something - it's got a killer Priest-like solo and some very riffs that sound like Iron Maiden played at 45 instead of 33 by accident. Also, "Warriors of Faith" has a nice thrash break in the middle, making it probably the heaviest song on the album.

As for the ballads, here is where I disagree with Crimsonblood - "Remember Yesterday" is really boring. But, "The Fallen One" is quite nicely done. I think it works well as an album closer - nice atmosphere and generally memorable. No, it doesn't sound like the rest of the album, but it is interesting.

Okay, so it's pretty much nothing you've never heard before. But if you want power metal with lots of speed metal parts and way more riffs than Sonata Arctica, or if you liked the first few Helloween albums, and Accept, and Judas Priest... this definitely sounds like the 80s, and in a very good way. No stupid modern touches here - very well done.