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Hearts On Fire+Ears=Bile taste in my throat - 10%

Anubis, June 8th, 2003

Before I begin my spewing of verbal razors, I must say one thing: if you listen to this song while doing something much more commanding of your attention, odds are you you will find yourself mumbling the chorus.
Then you will stop.
Crimson Thunder was the first Hammerfall album I bought. It's decent, but this is easily the weakest song on here. It sounds like some absurd mix of a shitty Maiden song and Kai Hansen choking on a muffin. I can't belive this was the single they chose. The video also, reminds me of something even Manowar would have rejected. So, in conclusion, if you firmly belive that Helloween and Manowar are the best bands of all time, (no knock against Helloween, but there are better power metal bands) you'll probably jizz in your fuckin pants. Otherwise, heed my warning, and keep this away from any audotory listening device.