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Very good split album - 90%

Penetrator_Hammer, March 31st, 2005

This split consists of two NS Spanish bands with extremely different sounds. On one side, you've got borderline RAC with bagpipes and strange breaks involving different, and very non-metal genres. On the other side, you've got a standard NSBM band.

Starting with Einsatzkommando's half, "The Forest Call". For such a small amount of music, this is a very impressive half. Completely separated from the NSBM of the demo, Einsatzkommando expirments with RAC, metal, and various other strange and innovative sounds. The vocals sound like an angry Nazi yelling (because that's what they are). They are odd and unfitting at first, but you get used to the whole strangeness of the sound. You definitely should listen to this half multiple times, because it will grow on you. As for guitar sound, it is completely basic (not over-distorted, or low tuned). No black metal riffs are present, and most of the guitar technique would fall under RAC. Drums and bass are kept basic, simply because they aren't the focus of the sound. Samples are used a few times, and the second track utilizes bagpipes, and a catchy blues-like break. If you're interested in something strange or new, check this out.

Now for Halltstatt's half, "Battles For the Ancestral Lands". It is typical NSBM. Low production, high distortion, torture scream vocals, and various references to ancient Europe in the lyrics. I guess it is a nice break from the oddity of Einsatzkommando's half, and I'm definitely not putting Hallstatt down. I am a big fan of simplistic black metal. There is nothing special about this half of the split, but there is also nothing wrong with it. So if you're into NSBM, check out Hallstatt.

As a whole, this split album destroys. I recommend it to anyone interested in black metal, RAC, or just interesting music in general. It is a definite favourite of mine.