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Rawest of the Raw - 85%

Sargon_The_Terrible, February 26th, 2008

I got this a ways back, like maybe a year ago, and it has not left my take-along CD wallet since. So I guess I have to say I like this album quite a lot. This is a debut for Hallstatt, a very underground BM act from Spain, and seeing as I am a big fan of minimalist pagan Black Metal from Iberia, it should be no surprise that I like this disc.

Hallstatt, (really just one guy), play very raw Black Metal in the general vein of old Darkthrone: no real blastbeats, no technicality or musicianship – just raw, evil riffs and a guitar tone that hurts to play too loud. No bass in the mix, just high-end, atonal riffs. The croaking vocals are a dead ringer for "Under A Funeral Moon" – era Darkthrone, with some Atilla Csihar thrown in. What I like about this is the atmosphere, and oddly, the amount of melody in the works. These riffs may be atonal and evil, but they have some very good hooks buried in them, and in the hypnotic, trancelike droning they remind me of Berserk – my fave BM band from Spain.

Hallstatt certainly didn't make a splash with this CD. But then BM bands never want that anyway do they? But I think this is a very cool little CD from the raw side of the pond, and I hope this band will continue and put out some more of this stuff, because I haven't been able to keep it out of my player for a long time now. Recommended for fans of the style, but all fans of polished extreme metal should stay well away. Hallstatt is too raw for you.

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Evil Metal Worship - 88%

Danthrax_Nasty, April 25th, 2004

What we have here is some fine fucking metal. Very rough and heavily distorted guitars keep this album blasting nearly the whole way through. The intro is very ambient, in that its very quiet, slow, and has odd sound effects throwen in. When the intro breaks into the actual metal you hear high pitch raw guitars, speed picking ,some jumpy chords repeating, drums blasting, and some excellent vocals. Cosus, the only member of the band, has one evil voice, almost as a mix between Inquisition (US)) type voice, with Pest from Gorgoroth. If that makes any sense.

The lyrics to the album are well done, and well written. Lots of hate, rituals, revenge, woods, desecration, antichristianity, barbarism, Satan, and war. Not exactly the most original of themes but still done well none the less.

The overall mix has a really good, harsh, minimalistic, black haterd sound that is fairly standard for the genre. All the instruments are fairly clear, vocals well pronounced in the mix, and a guitar tone that rapes. There are parts that remind me of the band Cult Of Daath, as far as the guitar and drum sound is concerned.

The guitars stick to a fairly standard sound through out the album, but there are some great leads, and harmonies that add to the albums overall wortheyness. The guitars really, for being speed picked, play the chords at a slow rate in a lot of songs, and layer more tracks over it, or so it sounds, to get the wicked sound they got. For the most part these are simple chord progressions on this album, and they certainly dont blow the mind away in originality, but this is one great release for what it is.

Drums and vocals sound mostly the same through out the release. This really isnt a bad thing cause both sound badass as is.

The highlights:
Track 6 - Immortal Strength - has a badass breakdown, that goes into a slow grim drone. Shortly breaking into a killer riff (three chords repeated) that is buried in distortion and vocals then begin to preach over it in satanic blasphemy.

Track 2 - Tyrants Of Barbarian Kingdoms - Kult Black Metal in the old simplistic vein of early nineties black hate.

Track 8 - Under The Banner Of Vengence - Barbaric Metal with some great breaks and accents, a rythm that will snap your neck, and towards the end it goes into a very bouncey riff with a killer melodic sound, due to chords being quickly strumed (electric) over it.

Fucking Evil Metal Worship \m/