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Extremely Underrated - 100%

kgerych1995, March 20th, 2012

This is the fabled "lost album" by Detroit metal band "Halloween" which was recorded in 1986, but was shelved until it was finally released in 1997. The album's style is more of a heavier, speedier breed rather than the style exhibited on their debut "Don't Metal With Evil", released in '85. The story behind this album was that most of the songs were written by the time DMWE came out, and a few were written post dating that time period. The album was started in late '85 and was finished by early '87, but the band never released it. The album is very experimental for the Halloween listener that has only heard "Don't Metal With Evil". It exhibits a darker sort of sound that was being constructed on DMWE. Really, aside from some experimental elements featured on here, it sort of picks up where DMWE left off some 13 years before.

Featured on this platter are songs that were featured in the band's set before the album was recorded and even years after the album was recorded such as the title track, "No Place Like Home", "Children Of The Witches", and the demo version of "Halloween Night", which was featured on the 2002 re-release. It is also rumored that the song "Candles" (which was featured on Halloween's 2006 full length "Horror Fire") was intended to be on the final version of the album, but did not make it for reasons unknown. Shifting thoughts, the music is very well-crafted on this album. The riffs are heavy and fortified, and the bass and actual drums help to back it up. What I mean by real or actual drums is that on here, the band was experimenting with electronic drums and at certain breaks in a song, the electronic drums are present for a short fill or so. Other than that, there is no real reason to complain about this album. Choice tracks on here include the whole first half of the album, "Nightmares", "Love Em' And Lose Em'", "Children Of The Witches", and the epic closing track "Revelations 23:1 (The Dream)". If you are an avid metalhead, you would be out of your mind not to have this album in your collection. To some, it may sound a bit dated, but that is because the band wanted you, the fan, to hear the songs as they were originally intended to be heard without modern tweaks and changes to keep it up to date. It is also worth mentioning that the album features keyboards unlike most Halloween albums and features guest background vocals from Rob Tyner of MC5 on the title track. The album in all is worthy of gracing the greatest metal collections of all time and is sure to please the ever hungry metal fan.