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Why Isn't This Judas Priest?!?! - 100%

The_Ryche, June 27th, 2010

Seriously? The much more widely known Judas Priest delivers us 2 discs of the self-involved monotony that was 'Nostradamus', and Rob then decides to drop this thick slab of HEAVY metal on his next solo release? I'm outraged! Well, not really, especially after the money seeking debacle of 'Winter Songs'.

But the music speaks for itself here, with a thick, modern production with crunchy, groovy riffs courtesy of Roy Z, some good leads by Metal Mike, and rounded out by the hammering wall of Bobby Jarzombek's drums. With a sound like 'Fetish' from the 2006 remix and remaster of 'Resurrection', this could fit in anywhere on Fight's 'War Of Words' without missing a beat. No light and airy, artsy-fartsy instrumental interludes here, just brutal heavy metal picking up where 'Crucible' left off.

Even Rob's vocal performance is better here, one fans of his solo work will expect and appreciate (save 'Winter Songs', shudders). If you've heard Halford live in recent years you know he doesn't have the chops he used to, and you can tell on this song, even though it's still top notch. He sings more mid-range high vocals, and throws in some of the harsh or deep vocals ala 'Fight' and 'Crucible', much to my delight. These are the kinds of things I was hoping he'd incorporate into the Priest sound after he replaced Tim Owens, whom I particularly liked, only to be disappointed.

One of the things that irks me most about this is the lyrics, which sound very conceptual, akin to 'Nostradamus', but the music here is much better, leaving the prospects of an epic 'Halford' release come October!

Which begs the question: why isn't this Judas Fucking Priest?!