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Not -core, just EPIC! - 100%

SpyreWorks, June 26th, 2010

I won't lie, this entire song is basically one huge breakdown. But you know what? It's motherfucking epic. This song is reminiscent of Painkiller-era evil epics such as "Night Crawler" and "A Touch of Evil", and if you loved those, you'll love this!

Beginning with a ominous spoken piece, the song quickly turns into the 2 minute breakdown that some are already condemning, but oh man, this is a good fucking breakdown! Starting off with a few symphonic elements that give a wicked feeling to the music, Halford's vocals take over soon enough, and it's a surprise that at his age, he still sounds absolutely magnificent. The combination of chugging, long drum fills and high-as-hell vocals are a colossal alliance which is broken just at the right time (around 2:30), to give you some riffs and a solo! And after the extravagant solo, you're treated to a mighty post-climax of Halford screaming "No hell! No life! No exit!", and damn, is it good!

All in all, this is a mighty, smoldering, massive, epic, evil, hellish and all-around METAL song, and if you're gonna jump on the "Death to -core!" bandwagon and bash Halford, you need to have your brain checked, because this is one of Halford's best moments, and "The Mower" is enough to make Satan himself wimper!