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The fuck? - 25%

MegaHassan, June 26th, 2010

Just when I thought 2010 was starting to get good in terms of metal releases, Halford comes out of nowhere and fucks it up. Seriously, as much as I love classic Priest and think Halford's voice was among the best in heavy metal in the Screaming/Defenders era (he just sounded plain homo before that), this song is a complete atrocity and makes the stuff on Nostradamus sound like hall of fame material in comparison.

Honestly, I don't understand the sound Halford is going for in this song. Heavycore? Tradcore? Powercore? The entire first half of the song is a massive fucking breakdown with some of the worst vocals I've EVER heard. Ozzy can sing better than this, seriously. Sure, he's still got range and a bigger set of pipes and balls than most men - straight or otherwise - but if your voice isn't the same it was, there's no use trying to hit those high notes. Besides, since when was Halford restricted to falsettos only? The Halford of old (read: pre-Painkiller) didn't solely depend on ultra high shit, he varied his stuff and brought a lot of depth to songs that were otherwise fairly standard (Some Heads Are Gonna Roll for example). But he doesn't even attempt to make his vocals sound interesting here. It's all the same monotonous garbage over an endless amount of shitty breakdowns in the first half.

Thankfully the song starts to get better around the 2:40 mark, with a couple killer riffs and then an awesome solo but our collective ears are still being raped by the abomination of a vocal performance. After that sweet, sweet solo that almost saves the song from being a complete shitfest, the song degenerates into that same shitfest it was earlier with a groove type riff and then a botched 'epic' ending. So overall... an awful song, yes. Incredibly incoherent and even when those good riffs kick in I'm still wondering what Halford had in mind when making this.

I really don't understand this song or what Halford was trying to do. The only other good thing about this song is the cover but if only the song was as awesome as the cover. I really didn't know what to expect from this song since I've never really touched any of Halford's solo stuff but I was sure it'd be good enough to at least headbang to. And seriously, it was impossible to do even that.