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Holy shit and what the hell?! - 80%

The_CrY, March 6th, 2010

Now Rob Halford has got himself into the Christmas spirit with his recent “Winter Songs” album, he has been searching his archives for an old 1992 recording of the classic Christmas song “Silent Night” and released it as a single. What I was expecting from this song was a release in the same style as “Winter Songs”, or at least something in the vein of rock music, but this song is not that. I must say it was a rather pleasant surprise.

When the song started to play I was like ‘what the hell?’ Could this really be Rob Halford? I thought he was a metal addict? No really, this is Rob Halford. What we have is actually only Halfords singing and some very modest backing instruments that are hardly heard in the beginning. This is a really peaceful performance with Halford holding the notes long and vibrated and sings with full emotion like he could in 1992. On the background we have cute little Christmas bells ringing which gives the proper ambience and on the foreground we have our dearest Metal God chanting enchantingly beautiful in a way that I’ve never heard from the man before. As we reach the end of the recording Halford starts to record more tracks, containing backing vocals to be substitute to the lack of instruments, which gives the most splendid effect.

In short, Rob Halford really recorded himself a Christmas song in a Christmas spirit. We get to hear a whole different side of the Metal God here and I like it. This I was not expecting, but it’s a pleasant surprise indeed.